spaniel aid uk

Spaniel Aid is a UK Registered Charity here for the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of dogs, namely but not exclusively spaniels, who are abandoned, stray or otherwise in need of care and attention.  They provide and assist in the provision of rescuing, rehoming and fostering of these dogs and treat and care for them where necessary.

support spaniel aid uk

In order for Spaniel Aid UK to run, they rely heavily on support and donations.
All money raised is used solely for the dogs and anything that they need, as the entire admin and foster team are volunteers.

What is your money used for?

  • Neutering and spaying dogs if the vet determines that they are of age.
  • Inserting a chip into the dog for identification purposes.
  • Vaccinating, worming and fleaing the dogs to ensure they are healthy before joining your family.
  • Transportation purposes.

There are multiple ways to support Spaniel Aid UK.  You can:

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(A percentage of the profit from these products will be donated to Spaniel Aid UK).  

  • Donate directly.
  • Order supplies form their Amazon wishlist.
  • Set us up as your chosen charity on Easy Fundraising.
  • Sponsor a long term foster dog.
  • Join the fundraising group.
  • Sign up for Gift Aid.


Each month their vet bills are often in excess of £9,000.  Because of this they rely heavily on donations.

If you think you can help in some way or would just like to donate, please click the button below.